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  • Rebecca Speirs

Smarter Decisions, Faster - Our Approach

If you’re looking for a simple framework to facilitate strategic decisioning, faster and smarter, here’s a one-page summary of an approach that works.

The ’secret sauce’ is visualising the problem space to create a fast, shared understanding of the context, assumptions, and facilitate exploring possibilities. 

Adapt & Improve has used this exact process to successfully facilitate decisioning on the sequencing of mines across a province in just one day. In this workshop we used two very simple techniques, a table in Excel on screen and a map on the wall which evolved during the day. This enabled rapid capture and agreement of high-level deposit and production data from the experts, in tandem with visualising the context. This enabled rapid comprehension of assumptions, constraints and opportunities. 

With the relevant information visible to all in an easily digestible format, it was then quick and easy to synthesise it into a form that enabled sequencing decisions to be made, and the objectives of the workshop to be met in the desired timeframe. For more details see

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