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Key skills and experience

I bring a blend of business, design and technology knowledge, along with the ability to distill and prioritise needs into pragmatic decisions, plans and delivered solutions.

Facilitating complex and strategic decision-making


  • I’m experienced in facilitating options identification and assessment in ambiguous and uncertain contexts using design thinking and risk-based decision making to reach ‘directionally correct’ conclusions, enabling delivery of work packages against tight timelines using Agile ways of working

  • I am a clear communicator and listen carefully to fully understand needs and help everyone be heard

  • In a recent mining company role, I was commended for facilitating a multi-day strategy workshop for the exploration and studies teams:


"You did a great job facilitating under difficult circumstances where we had to take the team through the change process at the same time. We achieved the desired outcomes – to align the team and pivot thinking towards large discoveries and prioritised study focus."

Pierre Malan, Executive Geneal Manager, Exploration & Development, Core Lithium


Robust initiative scoping

  • I am experienced in proactively engaging and collaborating with a range of stakeholders including senior leaders, customers, development teams, partners, and wider stakeholders impacted by change

  • My career experience has spanned a range of organisation types and industries at a range of scales.  This has given me exposure to customer, vendor and consulting perspectives and helps me empathise when discovering problems, exploring what success looks like and considering impacts of change

  • I defined Bank New Zealand's first benefits realisation plan for a priority program defining desired outcomes, measures and metrics, along with facilitating agreement on ownership of these with senior leaders

Effective product & project management


  • Experienced in customer-facing digital experiences along with B2B and enterprise SaaS including startups

  • Led product roadmap for the websites of two brands for an Australian fintech, including

    • Leading a successful website migration as part of an enterprise transformation in pressured timeframes

    • Initiating a user research program to better understand and prioritise customer needs

    • Initiating a cross-functional data dashboard across several product areas to facilitate improved data-based insights

    • Exploring and synthesising customer needs, business objectives, and awareness of the market landscape as part of defining and evolving prioritised and pragmatic product roadmaps

Thorough business analysis

  • I’m highly skilled in business analysis and particularly good at complex scenario analysis facilitating convergence of thinking across organisations to prevent costly problems emerging in later stages of a project or in production.  Examples include:

    • data state and exception handling analysis across multiple systems for a website product integrating Xero and Kiwibank services

    • business lending scenario analysis across related entities for an automated decisioning product

    • scoping the APIs required for online share trading for an investment company

Efficient iterative delivery management

  • I have over 10 years experience in Agile product practices, including Scrum and Kanban

  • In a recent product role at Lotterywest I identified opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Agile web team I led, resulting in the team largely running themselves with minimal management required, freeing up time for more strategic initiatives in the Digital leadership team


Strategy & Consulting


Product Management


  • Equitable Product, from Colab

    • 6-week course covering the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) lens for product, product leadership and culture, accessibility & inclusion, data ethics, inclusive product tools, responsible tech assessment

  • 'Product-led' and 'AI for product management' certification, from Pendo & Mind The Product

  • ‘Product Rebels bootcamp’

    • 12-week practical course in customer-driven product management.  Included: research, strategy, visioning, ideation, concept testing, design & development, measurement strategies


Agile & Interaction Design

  • Certified Scrum Product Owner

  • Scaled Agilist (SAFe)

  • Mobile UX & Dashboard Design, Gamification


Facilitation & Project Management

  • Certified Professional in Agile Team Facilitation

  • Certificate in IT Project Management

Professional & University


  • Chartered IT Professional

  • BSc (Hons) in Geography - Durham University, UK

Volunteering and interests

  • Fremantle Surf Lifesaving Club - Surf lifeguard 

  • Fremantle Triathlon Club - Website designer and administrator

  • ProductTank Tauranga (NZ) - Founder and event director, events streamed to Mind the Product youtube

  • Institute of Directors (NZ) - Visual storytelling for an international women’s day event

  • Fitness and outdoor adventures - Triathlon (NZ rep for age group world champs), strength & agility training, mountain biking, surfing, bikepacking - for more info my personal site is

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