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Strategy & Agile Delivery


Rebecca Speirs
Director of Adapt & Improve Consulting

Facilitating strategic decisioning

Initiative scoping
Product & project management

Business analysis

Iterative delivery
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Helping You Make Smarter Decisions, Faster, & Drive Change⚡️

Making smart strategic decisions and completing fit-for-business-purpose deliverables in desired timeframes is hard. It can be difficult to get senior leaders aligned on strategic priorities and target outcomes, particularly when the context crosses organisational boundaries. It can be even trickier to elicit the most significant assumptions, risks, and uncertainties into digestible information chunks. Synthesising thinking into a prioritised and realistic delivery roadmap that decision-makers endorse can feel like wizardry. 

Work with me to get clarity and consensus on a pragmatic way forward.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, I’ve helped household name organisations across Australasia and the UK make smarter decisions faster in complex contexts for over two decades. My experience includes Agile software delivery, mining studies, banking & financial services, government, and primary industry. 

My approach involves getting clear on purpose, priorities and what success looks like. I use visualisation to clarify complexity, design thinking to explore possibilities, and a risk-based approach to how much detail is really needed for the purpose of the decision or deliverables. This results in fast, shared understanding and makes it easier and quicker to align on what’s important and define an agreed way forward.

If you’re trying to make smart decisions, faster for the next phase of your organisation’s evolution and you don’t want to waste hours in unproductive discussions or lengthy meetings that lead nowhere, it’s time to do things differently.

Book a meeting with me today so we can plan how to make your next smart decision.

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